Ready to immerse into your inner self ?

Let Blue Palette help you start with its array of colouring kits. HUEGA, the stress buster colouring books have a wide variety of themes and intricate design forms. The themes include sacred mandala patterns, positive quotes,marine life and zentangled animal forms, doodled landscapes and various relevant subjects. We also
leave blank spots at places— just in case you feel like doodling or drawing something on your own.

We would love to customise your colouring kit as per your requirements. We will ask you some simple questions to identify the primary reasons for and will compose the kit in such a way so that you can benefit the most out of it.

Features of HUEGA

Intricate designs and patterns to help you concentrate in a relaxed and more mindful state.

Quotes and messages to instill positivity in you.

Sacred Mandala patterns to help you unleash your infinite possibilities and acknowledge your unlimited potentials.

Blank spots to help you doodle and draw, scribble and sketch, color and create.

Customised sets of coloring pages to match your taste, mood and need. Helps you feel more connected.

No predefined colors. Just let your emotions take up the hues and shades of their choice.

What if we say you can colour your way to ultimate relaxation ?

Say Hello to a stress-free life with Blue Palette’s color-bursting and stress-busting art. Say Hello to HUEGA… the art of relieving HUEGA provideS unique colouring stuffs, for ENTHUSIASTS ACROSS AGE, that helpS you relieve from the stress and drudgery of daily life.

Stress has become inseparable from of our everyday life. Be it work or relationships, stress always spreads its web affecting our mind and lifestyle in more than one ways. However, there are a few ways to keep yourself off stress and rejuvenate, other than the usual meditation and stress-management courses. And what if we say it’s something that you loved doing as a child ?

How coloring help you in relieving stress ?

Coloring is no longer a child’s play.

Drawing and Coloring books for adults are a phenomenon of late.

Researchers to yoga instructors, therapists to mental health professionals, all have acknowledged colouringas an equally effective alternative to meditative experience. At times when meditation seems like a task, colouring aids to attain such meditative state and revives tranquility in the chaotic mind. It helps you focus on the
present, makes you attentive and cures attention deficiency to a large extent.

We all are artists of our own art.

Honestly speaking, we all have a creative spark hidden inside, only awaiting discovery. The onus is on us to delve into our inner self and identify that spark. And the easiest way of doing that is right their inside your stationery cupboard. All it takes is some colors and paper. Have you ever wondered why do we scribble
inattentively while we are into a deep thought or discussion? It’s your subconscious mind trying to speak up through art. So let them out, pour all your thoughts on a paper. And feel the magic.
Coloring is a journey. There is no right or wrong way of this journey. Everyone has their own path and paves his/her own way of going about it. The idea is to release the energy that needs to be released. Come to think of it and you will see it’s pure science, where energy gets transformed from negative stressful pressure to a
positive, creative power.
Coloring works on the Law of Resonance, which states that when two systems resonate , energy can flow freely between them.

What experts have to say ?

As per neuropshchologist Dr. Stan Rodski, “like meditation, coloring allows us to switch off our brain from other thoughts and focus on the present”
Psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala says, “incorporates the areas of the cerebral cortex involved in vision and fine motor skills” as it involves both logic, with which we color forms, and creativity, for mixing and matching colors.
Artist and colour therapist Amisha Mehta defines coloring as an ancient and holistic form of healing.

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